Blair Barnhardt, the Founder and Executive Director of IPMA, the International Pavement Management Association gives his unbiased opinion on HA5, a High Density Mineral Bond.

HA5 is a High Density Mineral Bond surface treatment that extends asphalt serviceability

Benefits to you:

  • Significantly extends pavement life
  • Lower cost of pavement ownership/management
  • No loose aggregate or grainy residue on the surface post installation
  • Millions of square feet installed by municipalities
  • Performance backed by seven year study
  • Installations guaranteed up to 5 years
  • High public approval


HA5 was developed to meet the demand for effective asphalt preservation on residential roadways without the negative side effects of chip seals or slurry seals. HA5 was specifically engineered to preserve the native asphalt binder. Effectively preserving the asphalt binder before oxidative damage takes place is recognized as the most cost-effective strategy for managing asphalt pavement.

Due to the asset preservation qualities and durability of the installations, HA5 is also a surface treatment specified by owners and managers responsible for asphalt parking surfaces. School districts, religious organizations, medical providers, and various business types utilize HA5 for asset preservation due to the measurable return investment. HA5 installations are backed with up to a 5 year guarantee.


HA5 is a High Density Mineral Bond uniquely emulsified with a near neutral charge that is able to hold a proprietary blend of fine aggregates.

Limiting oxidative damage from moisture is fundamental to HA5’s preservation qualities. But just as critical to the prevention of oxidative damage from moisture is preventing oxidative damage from UV rays. UV rays are strong throughout the western U.S., especially in higher elevations as well as desert regions.

HA5 combats oxidation from UV rays by including limited amounts of specific polymers to reflect damaging UV rays.


Independently Tested

HA5 has been independently evaluated by Nolte Engineering and was recommend as a superior option to slurry seals on residential (lower load/volume) roadways and parking surfaces.

400% Less Cracking

In 2009, an evaluation was conducted that compared the oxidative damage of an asphalt street having HA5 installed to an adjoining street not having HA5 installed. The pavements evaluated were both 11 years old, with one having had HA5 installed at year six. The pavement with HA5 installed had 400% less cracking.


For HA5 to be properly installed, specialized equipment is required that can uniformly disperse a thixotropic material housing the required density of fine aggregate.


HA5 installations are backed by a five year warranty. Contact a Holbrook Asphalt representative for complete warranty details.


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