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Manage asphalt pavement at the lowest possible cost. Eliminate budget ambiguity when it comes to pavement management. Having the right strategy in place promises...

  • Lower pavement costs over time
  • More predictable costs
  • Fewer premature failures
  • Better pavement conditions
  • More effective use of taxpayer dollars

Effectively mitigating costs by extending the life of your pavement assets requires planning. Know the answers to these basic questions...

  • When do I initiate a pavement preservation program? (The latest research shows the oxidative damage to pavement happens surprising early in a pavement’s life before visible cracking occurs. Proactive planning versus reacting reduces the cost of pavement ownership.)

  • I’m not sure if all options are being presented by my contractor? (Many contractors only tell about you what they offer, not necessarily what’s best for extending the life of your asphalt. You need to be aware of all the options before making a decision.)

  • Previously applied treatments didn’t last. Why? (Often it is just the nature of the treatment installed. For example, seal coats are becoming a less valuable option due to the development of High Density Mineral Bonds that have a considerable longer life. See HA5)

  • How do I know if I’m getting a quality treatment? (Only time will tell, so the wrong treatment can be a very costly mistake. The best assessment of what works is visiting projects that are four and five years old.)

Become familiar the "Pros" & "Cons" of various surface treatments:

  • HA5 (High Density Mineral Bond)
  • Slurry
  • Chip Seal
  • Cape Seal
  • Seal Coat
  • Fog Seal

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  • Request an assessment that determines the ROI of various treatment options
  • Request an estimate for preserving your pavement asset

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