Home Owners Associations

Proactive private communities and organizations by the thousands have uncovered a strategy that saves them money while effectively preserving their pavement assets using HA5® – High Density Mineral Bond.

HOAs in particular are trending away from the use of seal coats due to the much higher return on investment and longer lasting performance of HA5 (categorized as High Density Mineral Bond). HA5 enables communities to lower the life-cycle costs of pavement assets and reduce the amount of road closures as HA5 installations tend to last about 2x longer or more than seal coat applications.

Pavement may be your most expensive asset. Becoming educated in pavement preservation will help you choose the treatment for your roadways that will achieve the maximum extension of pavement life for each dollar invested.

Hear from over 20 other private communities below on how they have transitioned to a longer lasting and more cost effective High Density Mineral Bond installation, rather than going with a conventional 1-3 year sealcoat, slurry, or other surface treatment.

Understanding the right treatment, for right road, at the right time ensures:

  • Lowest possible expenditures
  • Higher aesthetics & property values
  • Fewer premature failures
  • No special assessments
  • More predictable costs
  • Reduced need for costly rehabilitation or reconstruction

Anthem Country Club in Henderson, NV - An Upscale Community of 1,640 Homes

John Thompson, HOA President at Anthem Country Club in Henderson, Nevada, shares his insights on an effective pavement management strategy.


FireRock Estates
Phoenix Metro Area

Marianne Wiggishoff, Community Manager of Fire Rock Estates in the Phoenix Metro area for 13 years, gives her insights on their transition from a 2-3 year sealcoat application to a longer lasting and more cost effective High Density Mineral Bond application.


Stetson Ranch HOA President - Las Vegas, Nevada

Ken Bedrosian, seven years after selecting HA5, discusses his community’s pavement management plan, including their expectation of return on investment and improving the visual impact of the streets. Stetson Ranch is a community of 575 homes, spread across six different villages within the HOA.


Robert Rothwell - CAI Board of Trustees

Robert Rothwell, PhD, President of the Village Green HOA, has won numerous awards such as the Outstanding HOA of the Year, Board Member of the Year, and is currently on the board of trustees for Community Associate Institute (CAI) educating HOA board members to better serve their communities.


Providence, HOA
Maricopa, Arizona

Hear from the Arizona Association of Community Managers (AACM) “Community Manager of the Year” at Providence HOA in Maricopa City located in the Phoenix metro area. She shares insights on how this community with over 1,000 homes has put a plan in place that saves the community money while effectively preserving the communities infrastructure using HA5 – High Density Mineral Bond.


Las Vegas - Erin Camden- Southern Terrace HOA Board President

Erin Camden, HOA Board President of the Southern Terrace in Las Vegas, Nevada, gives her insight on the reasoning the HOA had behind choosing to install HA5 on their 1.2 Million SQ FT of roadways for their 908 single-family home HOA.


Villages of La Canada - Phoenix, Arizona Metro Area

Curt Balko, President at the Villages of La Canada discusses his community’s move to High Density Mineral Bond from their previous chip seal program, saving almost 50% in their reserve costs. He also discusses in the 20 years or so that he has lived in the Villages how chip seal had been been put down at least five or six times and the benefit of a longer lasting treatment with HA5 disrupting people’s lives in the community less frequently.


Kayenta - Investing in Infrastructure to Last

Roy Wennerholm, Road Manager of Kayenta Home Owners Association, gives his insight into why they chose to go with a High Density Mineral Bond (HA5) rather than with a conventional slurry. Roy discusses the residents reaction as well as the half million dollar savings the community expects to achieve.


HOA Resident and Retired Engineer on Pavement Preservation

Jerry Campbell, a Retired Engineer and resident at Vista Del Sol, gives his insight on the process the HOA went through in becoming educated in pavement preservation, and how they came to choose the High Density Mineral Bond (HA5) treatment for their roadways to lengthen their life.


Chapparal Vista Estates HOA - Phoenix, Arizona Metro Area

Mimi gives her insight as President of the Board with her community’s move from using Seal Coats to instead installing longer lasting High Density Mineral Bond. Where they had been unhappy with the performance of previous seal coat treatments, residents here are now ecstatic with the look and feel of the installation and the performance they have seen.


Sunriver HOA 2.5 Million Sq Ft of Asphalt

Darcy Stewart, the Developer of Sunriver Retirement Community, with 1500 Homes, and 2.5 Million Sq. Ft of Asphalt explains how he came to be associated with Holbrook Asphalt and the quality he has received from them.


Sunset Greens HOA - Mesquite, Nevada

Cindy Nelson, HOA Board President for Sunset Greens, a community of 699 homes, discusses the the large impact streets have on their budget. They discovered that the seal coats on their streets where not holding up and embarked on a research process to find the lasting performance they knew they needed.


The Boulders HOA - Phoenix, Arizona Metro Area

From the Boulders, located in North Scottsdale, Lee has been on the board for several years. He discusses the ongoing plan they have implemented to keep all the roads in their community in good shape with a different but better approach than they had engaged in previously.


Los Prados HOA
Las Vegas, Nevada

Pat Calnon, the Treasurer of Los Prados HOA in Las Vegas Nevada discusses why they chose to install HA5 on their streets. Their HOA has 1.8 Million SQ FT of asphalt and 1,358 single family homes.


Agua Dulce HOA - Phoenix, Arizona Metro Area

Dave (Board Member) and JoAnn (Association President) discuss getting the most for their community’s money with 400 homes and the research process they engaged in. Residents stated this is the best job they have seen in the 14 years this community has existed.


Sun Ridge Canyon HOA - Phoenix, Arizona Metro Area

Community Manager Amy Roberts, discusses the financial impact on SunRidge Canyon’s budget and their research process on ways to improve their roads.  After implementing HA5 into their reserve funding, they were able to rework their plan and move out an expensive rehabilitation project from 30 years to 43 years, significantly improving their overall financial outlook.


Tamarack Ridge Estates HOA President - Terry Miller

Terry Miller, the board president at Tamarack Ridge Estates gives his insight in why their HOA chose to install HA5 on their roadways, based on recommendations they received from other HOAs.


Tuscan Hills HOA - Rich Batten - Board Member

Rich explains the process the HOA went through in educating themselves about the necessity of preserving their HOA’s most expensive asset, their streets, and how they came to choose the HA5 treatment.


Palomino HOA - Phoenix, Arizona Metro Area

Patrick Neely, president of the Palomino HOA board, explains how his community rose to the challenge of finding a long term fix for preserving the condition of their roads.


Gardens Gilbert HOA - Phoenix, Arizona Metro Area

Community Manager and Vice President of Premier Management Linda Byrd, explains how HA5 is about preserving the underlying structure of the pavement and the importance of understanding the impact in the long run.


Sample Private Community (HOA) Installations

Proactive private communities (HOAs) are trending away from the use of seal coats due to the much higher return on investment and longer lasting performance of HA5 (categorized as High Density Mineral Bond). HA5 enables communities to lower the life-cycle costs of pavement assets and reduce the amount of road closures as HA5 installations tend to last about 2x longer than seal coat applications.


Highland Fairways HOA- Mesquite, Nevada

Some of the board members of the Highland Fairways, Mesquite, Nevada HOA talk about the pros of using HA5 and it’s lasting effect.


La Fortina HOA - Phoenix, Arizona Metro Area

Korin Hatch, after visiting HA5 installations, has recommended HA5 to communities she works with as a Community Manager because of the cost saving benefits.


The #1 priority for HOA members should be gaining a basic understanding pavement preservation. The stakes are high because mistakes are expensive and often followed by lawsuits.

As the exclusive pavement preservation partner of the AOPC (Association of PUDs and Condominiums), Holbrook Asphalt offers educational seminars to communities at no charge and with absolutely no sales pitch.

“They helped us better understand what strategies to consider for extending the life of our pavement.”

Granetta B. Red Canyon HOA President

Effectively mitigating costs by extending the life of your pavement requires planning. If you have questions like…

The latest research shows the oxidative damage to pavement happens surprising early in a pavement’s life before visible cracking occurs. Proactive planning versus reacting reduces the cost of pavement ownership.

Many contractors only tell about you what they offer, not necessarily what’s best for extending the life of your asphalt. You need to be aware of all the options before making a decision.

Often it is just the nature of the treatment installed. For example, seal coats are becoming a less valuable option due to the development of High Density Mineral Bonds that have a considerable longer life. (See HA5)

Only time will tell, so the wrong treatment can be a very costly mistake. The best assessment of what works is visiting projects that are four and five years old.