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With the Right Asset Preservation Strategy

The right decisions will keep unexpected maintenance dollars where they belong… right in your pocket.

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Public Agencies

Make sure your city, county, or state DOT agency is measuring up. Learn how a High Density Mineral Bond treatment can play a role in your pavement preservation toolbox.Learn More »

Private Organizations

See how our track record of long term performance can help your private community, HOA, business, school district, or hospital system to lower ownership costs.Learn More »

Asset Preservation

Lower Ownership Costs With the Right Treatment, on the Right Road, at the Right Time.

Are you utilizing the most effective, proven asphalt preservation strategies?

Since 1999, organizations large and small have relied on our attention to detail installing the right product on the right roads – at the right time.

Public agencies, school districts, and private communities across the country rely on us for asset preservation, including:

  • Clark County School District
  • Anthem Country Club Las Vegas Nevada
  • Mesa, AZ
  • Alpine City, UT
  • Salt Lake City School District
  • South Jordan, UT
  • Farmington, UT
  • Marana, AZ
  • North Salt Lake, UT

Learn how effectively extend pavement life without spending more money. It may just change your entire way of looking at pavement ownership.