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Gain the Maximum Extension of Pavement Life for Every Dollar Spent

Approved Installer of HA5

Officially approved installer of HA5 High Density Mineral Bond, a product of Integrated Pavement Solutions.

Spend Less & Triple the Life of Your Pavement

Using HA5 as an asset preservation strategy can significantly extend pavement life by 600%


The right treatment, on the right road, at the right time

Since 1999, organizations large and small have relied on our attention to detail installing the right product on the right roads – at the right time.


Cutting edge pavement preservation

The Holbrook Asphalt team is recognized for utilizing the latest strategies and technology advancements for preserving pavement assets.


Introducing HA5!

Holbrook Asphalt introduced HA5 which is the first product meeting the rigid specifications of a High Density Mineral Bond.

Discover The Financial Benefits Of Effective Pavement Preservation

Public Agencies

Make sure your city, county, or state DOT agency is measuring up.  Learn how a High Density Mineral Bond treatment can play a role in your pavement preservation toolbox. Learn More →

Private Organizations

See how our track record of long-term performance can help your private community, HOA, business, school district, or hospital system lower ownership costs. Learn More →

Customer Experiences

Shane Sorenson - Public Works Director & City Engineer, Alpine, UT

Alpine City is known for using multiple tools in the pavement preservation toolbox. In this video, Shane discusses how the performance of HA5 over the past several years in Alpine City has generated great satisfaction from residents, public officials, and engineers.

Investigative News Report on HA5

These investigative stories are reporting on a municipality’s street maintenance project. The local NBC and CBS affiliates aired the stories where HA5 High Density Mineral Bond was installed.

Mike Harper, P.E. - Alabama DOT State Engineer (retired)

With 42 years DOT experience, Mike talks about the difference between best first and worst first strategies as well as the pros and cons of different surface treatment options.

Ken Bedrosian - Stetson Ranch HOA President, Las Vegas, NV

Ken discusses his community’s pavement management plan, including their expectation of return on investment and improving the visual impact of the streets. Stetson Ranch is a community of 575 homes, spread across six different villages within the HOA.

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Public agencies, school districts, and private communities across the country rely on us for asset preservation, including:

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