Pavement Preservation For Georgia’s Cities and Counties

Holbrook Asphalt is the Georgia’s most innovative pavement preservation and asphalt maintenance company.

From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the coast, Georgia is beautiful, but it’s a challenging environment for asphalt.

At Holbrook Asphalt, we specialize in addressing the challenges faced by cities, towns, and counties across Georgia. Our Pavement Preservation Consultants are experts on Georgia’s climate and its effects on asphalt. With years of experience serving communities from Atlanta to Savannah and Augusta to Columbus, we’re dedicated to helping you extend the life of your asphalt assets.

Our team takes great pride in providing services, products, and services designed to meet Georgia’s specific demands.

Our Work Around Georgia

8 Years ago, Fayette County, Georgia did their first pilot project with HA5 High Density Mineral Bond. Since then, HA5 has become a staple of their pavement preservation plan. Hear why Fayette County trusts HA5 and how it has impacted their pavement preservation strategy.

Walton County has experienced much growth over the last several years, which has put pressure on its public works department to build new infrastructure while maintaining its current road network. The county has adopted the HA5 High Density Mineral Bond as one of its go-to tools for extending the life of its asphalt assets. Hear how Walton County manages its growing road network and how it leverages HA5 High Density Mineral Bond to make its budget work harder.

Here are some of the Georgia area customers who have chosen HA5 High Density Mineral Bond:

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walton county pavement preservation

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barrow county pavement preservation

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milton ga pavement preservation

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heard county ga pavement preservation

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fayette county ga pavement preservation


Georgia Pavement Preservation Experts

Extending the life of asphalt assets is what we do and it’s what we’re passionate about. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve helped Georgia’s Cities and Counties extend the life of their asphalt assets.

For many cities asphalt is one of their biggest expenses. That’s why more and more people are extending the life of one of their community’s most valuable assets with Holbrook Asphalt.

We’ve been able to provide the area’s highest-quality solutions by dedicating ourselves to innovation and customer service. Our dedication to using the highest quality products that provide the most value over the greatest number of years is why we utilize HA5 High Density Mineral Bond. HA5 is the only product that meets the rigorous qualifications of the High Density Mineral Bond Specification and has been trusted by hundreds of municipalities and thousands of private communities. We are proud to be the only company in Georgia that can deliver the quality and longevity that HA5 has to offer along with more traditional forms of pavement preservation like crack sealing.

Engineered to Preserve

HA5 was developed to meet the demand for effective asphalt preservation on residential roadways without the negative side effects of chip seals or slurry seals. Specifically engineered to preserve the native asphalt binder, HA5 is exceptional at preventing oxidative damage. As a result, you will have streets that last longer and cost less to own.

What is HA5

HA5 is arguably the fastest-growing trend in pavement preservation, now in use by over 200 public agencies. Meeting the stringent demands of a High Density Mineral Bond, HA5 is uniquely emulsified with a near neutral charge that is able to hold a unique blend of fine aggregates. Limiting oxidative damage from moisture is fundamental to HA5’s preservation qualities. But just as critical to the prevention of oxidative damage from moisture is preventing oxidative damage from Ultraviolet (UV) radiation. HA5 combats oxidation from UV by including limited amounts of specific polymers to reflect damaging UV rays.

HA5 features include:

  • A specialized, non-ionic emulsion specifically engineered to carry mineral types that are not compatible with anionic and cationic emulsions.
  • A blend of ultra-dense, angular-shaped fine aggregates formerly unavailable in a thin surface treatement.
  • A combination of specific polymers that combat oxidation by deflecting Ultra-Violet Rays.

The former head of pavement materials at the country’s largest state DOT, published research findings that identified pavements with HA5 High Density Mineral Bond installed had a 67% delay in the age-hardening of the asphalt. Keeping asphalt flexible prolongs the useful life of the pavement and reduces cracking resulting from pavements becoming brittle.



“Using conventional as well as leading-edge testing methods to identify the age hardening of the asphalt binders, researchers have identified a 67% delay in the age hardening of the asphalt binder with HA5 installed as a pavement preservation strategy. This ability to reduce flexibility loss supports an in-field case study where after just a four-year period a side-by-side comparison identified cracking to be reduced by nearly 9 times with HA5 installed.”

Dr. Shakire Shatnawi, P.h.D., P.E. "Transportation Research 20220"

Former State Pavement Engineer & Division Chief at Caltrans with 30 years of experience in pavement design, management, and preservation

Tested, Proven Performance

An evaluation was completed comparing HA5’s performance in a side-by-side comparison with another treatment. On one section, a commercially available polymer-enhanced asphalt emulsion was installed within a week of an adjoining HA5 installation.

The original paving of both sections was done as one project nine years before the side-by-side maintenance treatments were installed.

Each of the treated sections had multiple crack samples taken. The HA5 treated section had sample areas examined that calculated to an average .007 of the surface experiencing cracking and the polymer enhanced asphalt emulsion sampled road surface was found to have .06 of the area with cracking. That’s an astounding 857% more cracking in the non-HA5 treated pavement compared to the road having had HA4 installed.

Owners and managers responsible for asphalt roads and parking surfaces realize significant reduction in pavement lifecycle costs with HA5 due to the asset preservation qualities and durability of the installations. In use by public agencies nationwide, it is also the choice for school districts, religious organizations, medical providers, and various business types for asset preservation.

Research on binder elasticity and pavement permeability proves that asphalt treated with HA5 significantly increases the useful life of asphalt pavement and therefore lowers the cost of transportation infrastructure.

  • Highest Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Highest Pavement Condition Index (PCI)
  • Highest Public Acceptance Rating (PAR)

There is no one-size-fits-all tool in the preservation toolbox, but for subdivision roadways, HA5 provides the highest benefit per dollar spent.

Areas We Serve In Georgia

Fayette County, GA

Walton County, GA

Barrow County, GA

Heard County, GA

Henry County, GA

Atlanta, GA

Columbus, GA

Savannah, GA

Sandy Spring, GA

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Johns Creek, GA

Albany, GA

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