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Forward-thinking municipalities, counties, and state DOT’s today are broadening the use of multiple tools in the pavement preservation toolbox. What has risen to the top of the list for many agencies, (now over 200), is the use of HA5 High Density Mineral Bond.

Forward Thinking Agencies Trust HA5®

Municipal agencies are constantly working to try to get more “bang for their buck” when it comes to taking care of their roads. Every agency’s situation is different, but these Streets Department Managers and Public Works Directors have discovered the benefits of working with HA5®.

Critical to effectively preserving an agency’s pavement assets includes the utilization of the right treatment type for the specific use and condition of the roadway. An effective pavement management strategy is key to taking on the challenges facing you as you work to effectively preserve your infrastructure.


More from Agency Customers

-Learn more on how these agency customers have transitioned from a 2-3 year seal coat application to a longer-lasting and more cost effective High Density Mineral Bond application.

How Walton County, GA Maintains More Streets With Less Budget

Walton County, GA, is situated about 45 miles east of Atlanta. With its mix of amenities and economic development, the county is home to several thriving bedroom communities. Walton County has experienced much growth over the last several years, which has put pressure on its public works department to build new infrastructure while maintaining its current road network. The county has adopted the HA5 High Density Mineral Bond as one of its go-to tools for extending the life of its asphalt assets. Hear how Walton County manages its growing road network and how it leverages HA5 High Density Mineral Bond to make its budget work harder.

Fayette County, Georgia-How Pavement Preservation Can Make All The Difference

8 Years ago, Fayette County, Georgia did their first pilot project with HA5 High Density Mineral Bond. Since then, HA5 has become a staple of their pavement preservation plan. Hear why Fayette County trusts HA5 and how it has impacted their pavement preservation strategy.

The Results Are In. Better Streets That Cost Less

Fourteen years ago, the city made the difficult decision to focus the budget away from the worst roads and toward the best roads. The strategy required educating the public, and it has paid off. The results are better roads with less of a financial burden on taxpayers. Your city can do it too. With 26 years of Public Works experience, and most of those years managing a strategic plan to improve street conditions, James Chappel shares how the city has found success all while lowering the cost of ownership with the tactical use of multiple preservation tools that include slurry, microsurfacing, and HA5 High Density Mineral Bond.

James Thomas - Public Works, Salem City, UT

James gives his insight into his city’s strategy for preserving residential subdivisions.

Larry Dobrosky - Public Works Director, El Mirage City, AZ

Larry gives his insight on how El Mirage cost-effectively maintains their asset of roadways in a 25-year pavement preservation plan.

Tom Scullion - Program Manager & Senior Research Engineer, Texas A&M Transportation Institute, TX

With a 40 year career at TTI, Tom Scullion is responsible for numerous pavement-related inventions, designs, procedures, and software innovations that have enhanced the safety and performance of roadways. As a recognized expert in his field, the Texas Department of Transportation has commissioned Tom to conduct an analysis of its interstate corridors and other major routes.

James Thomas - Public Works, Salem City, UT

James Chappel is the Streets Division Manager with Spanish Fork City. In this video, he discusses using the best first approach.

Scott Leska - Former Engineering Manager, Marana, AZ

Scott has over 24 years of engineering experience that includes ADOT.  He introduced HA5 High Density Mineral Bond to Marana in 2012 with installations that continue to outperform traditional surface treatments that the town had used previously. 

Clayton Fulton - Asst. City Manager, Hurst, TX

One city that has been benefiting from HA5 installations is Hurst, TX. City management has been able to reduce the overall costs of pavement ownership as well as provide a surface that residents find attractive.

Mike Harper, P.E. - DOT State Engineer, AL (retired)

With 42 years of DOT experience, Mike talks about the difference between best first strategies and worst first strategies as well as pros and cons of different surface treatment options.

Mark Miller - Transportation Manager, Georgetown, TX (retired)

After serving as the Transportation Manager for 28 years, Mark discusses the challenges agencies face maximizing asphalt pavement life at the lowest possible cost.

Brian Frix - Engineer, Rockdale County, GA

Brian shares insights on how Rockdale County is effectively preserving the county’s pavement assets with HA5 High Density Mineral Bond.

Robert Forsyth - Road Manager, Scottsdale, AZ

Pavement management expert Robert Forsyth with 30 years of experience of managing roadways in one of Arizona’s premier cities shares his insights on the latest trend benefiting municipalities to preserve their assets.

Dale E. Goodman - Public Works Director, American Fork, UT

Here, a public works director addresses some of the challenges faced as they work to effectively preserve their city’s infrastructure. One way this agency effectively extends the life of their pavement assets is by utilizing High Density Mineral Bond – HA5.

Rod Thompson - Road Department Director, Tooele County, UT

Tooele County, as one of the nation’s fastest-growing counties, has overcome the challenge of making the most out of limited funds by leveraging the right treatments, on the right roads, at the right time. 

Rick Lawrence - Public Works Supervisor, Rocklin, CA

Rick discusses the two reasons why Rocklin has chosen to use HA5 High Density Mineral Bond in the city. First, is to preserve the pavement and reduce costs. Second, it serves the public with a surface treatment they are happy with.

Ray White - Streets Superintendent, Farmington City, UT

Critical to effectively preserving an agency’s pavement assets includes the utilization of the right treatment type for the specific use and condition of the roadway. 

David R. Day - Engineering Manager, Provo City, UT

David discusses using the right tool in the toolbox and the superior performance of the HA5 surface treatment in residential neighborhoods.

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